Education Saves Lives

There are millions of pieces of information thrown at human beings every day. Children are more like sponges than adults; they soak up every scrap of information their mind can compute, no matter its content. With today’s desperate need for social attention, not to mention the invalid stereotypes shoved into the mix, it can get confusing.

It is natural to have questions about the ideas being thrown around. Like every other human being on this planet, your children deserve to be privy to the truth about this information. They deserve to know that having sex without a condom will increase the chances of getting or giving a sexually transmitted disease, and could also result in a pregnancy. They deserve to know that 42% of Americans have admitted to smoking marijuana, even though it is a proven scientific fact that this act will kill brain cells over time. They even deserve to know the gruesome facts: over two million people will die drug-related deaths this year in the US alone.

These simple truths will change your children’s life, and it could even save them one day. Just being honest and open about the truthful answers to these puzzling new questions can steer your child in the direction of a safer, longer life.

As a parent, why would you risk not educating your child when all it will do is help them make better decisions?


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